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HB 2970 Esthetics and Advanced Esthetics Rulemaking Update

​2021 Rules Advisory Committees Summaries​​

In 2021, the Health Licensing Office (HLO) convened a Joint Esthetic and Advanced Esthetic Rules Advisory Committee (Joint RAC) to recommend rule changes to the Board of Cosmetology's and the Board of Certified Advanced Estheticians' rules. The rule changes are necessitated by HB 2970 (2021), which impacted the scope of practice for estheticians and advanced estheticians. HB 2970 also charged both boards to work collaboratively to define the term “device" within both the esthetics and advanced esthetics professions.

Upcoming HLO Closures Due to State Holidays

​Mark your calendar and note that the Health Licensing Office (and all State of Oregon agencies) will be closed on the following day:

  • Monday, September 5, 2022, for Labor Day

Seeking Certified Advanced Estheticians to Serve as Subject Matter Experts

​​The Health Licensing Office (HLO) is seeking certified advanced estheticians to serve as subject matter experts (SMEs) for complaint investigations. A SME is an independent contractor who assists in investigations of and cases against uncertified individuals performing advanced nonablative esthetics and advanced estheticians. SMEs may be called upon to assist the HLO in various ways, such as: examining complaints to determine whether certain services or use of devices are in the scope of practice of advanced nonablative esthetic services, working with a HLO investigator when investigating certification holders, providing opinions about community standards, and competently testifying during hearings.​

Update on the Scope of Practice for Esthetics and Advanced Esthetics

​The following information provides a summary of the past policies related to the scope of practice for esthetics and advanced esthetics since 2015. The information also highlights HB 2079, which passed during the 2021 Legislative Session and how the Health Licensing Office, the Board of Certified Advanced Estheticians and the Board of Cosmetology will move forward in implementing the requirements of the bill including collaboratively defining the term “device" within both the esthetics and advanced esthetics profession. ​

Seeking Cosmetology and Advanced Esthetics Rules Advisory Committee Interest

​​The Health Licensing Office (Office), Board of Cosmetology (COS) and Board of Certified Advanced Estheticians (CAE) are currently seeking interested parties to serve as experts on three different Rules Advisory Committees (RAC). RAC's provide an opportunity for external experts, individuals, entities and advocates to provide input and recommendations to the governing body(s) during the rulemaking process. ​

COVID-19 in Oregon

If you have questions or would like additional information regarding COVID-19, face covering guidance or vaccine information in Oregon, please visit the Oregon Health Authority's COVID-19 website.

The latest guidance effective May 18, 2021, is as follows:

For additional resources, please visit COVID-19 testing in Oregon, COVID-19 Vaccine in Oregon, and COVID-19 Healthcare Partner Resources. Please be sure to check back frequently as information is updated.

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