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Long Term Care Administrators Board - Nursing Home Administrators - Administrator-in-Training (AIT) Program

Supervised Training

  • The AIT program consists of 960 hours under the supervision of a preceptor.
  • An AIT program applicant must apply for and be granted registration prior to beginning the AIT program.
  • An AIT must complete the AIT program in no less than six months and no more than two years after beginning the program. An AIT failing to complete the program within two years after beginning the program must reapply and, if accepted, begin the program again.
  • Neither AIT registration nor acceptance into an AIT program authorizes and AIT registrant to practice or offer to practice as a nursing home administrator or offer to practice as a nursing home administrator or to use the title of or abbreviations for Nursing Home Administrator. An AIT registrant engaging in such conduct may be disqualified from all or part of the training program.

AIT Training Packet

The AIT training packet includes the following:

  • Program information
  • Goals and guidelines
  • Training forms
  • Certificate of training
  • Tracking tool
  • Examination information

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AIT applicants who are current CNAs, RNs, LPNs, or Acting Administrators of a Residential Care Facility may qualify to waive a portion of the 960 AIT hours. The waiver form must be submitted along with required documentation to the Health Licensing Office for review.

Please see the "Nursing Home Administrator AIT Registration Application" for details. Applicants can only apply for one of the three waiver categories. 

Preceptor Registration

Applicants for Preceptor Registration Must:

  • Hold a current Oregon nursing home administrator license with no current or pending disciplinary action, and with no fines, fees, or civil penalties
  • Have been a licensed nursing home administrator for at least three years
  • Have attended a board-approved workshop for preceptors in Oregon within three years preceding the date of application for registration

In addition, current preceptors must attend a board-approved workshop for preceptors in Oregon every three years.

The Following Organizations Offer Preceptor Training

Preceptor Requirements

A Registered Preceptor Must:

  • Provide the AIT a minimum of four hours per month of in-person consultation regarding the strengths, progress, and competency development needs of the AIT, and to suggest methods of improvement. In-person consultation must be documented on a form prescribed by the agency.
  • Train only one AIT at any one time.
  • Sign the AIT's Certificate of Training completion forms.
  • Attend a board-approved workshop for preceptors in Oregon every three years (see link above).
  • Both the AIT and preceptor registrants must notify the agency of any discontinuation of, change or interruptions in the AIT program.