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Newborn Bloodspot Screening Program

Residual Bloodspot Retention, Use, and Release

After newborn screening testing is complete, some of the bloodspot specimen may be usable for other purposes. This remaining specimen is called a residual bloodspot.

Residual specimens are retained by the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory (OSPHL) for one year. Specimens will be destroyed during the month after the retention time is met using a method that protects patient confidentiality and privacy.

Residual bloodspot specimens may be used by the OSPHL to make sure test results are accurate. Specific activities include:
  • Quality assurance and method development activities as required to maintain compliance with regulatory and accreditation requirements.
  • Program evaluation and improvement.
  • Education activities required by Oregon Statute. 

Residual bloodspot specimens will only be released by the OSPHL:
  • To perform routine newborn screening testing, if a testing service listed in OAR 333-024-1070 cannot be performed by the OSPHL.
  • When required by a court order.
  • When requested by the parent or guardian. 
Requesting the release of a residual bloodspot specimen
Residual bloodspot specimens may be returned or shipped to a third party at the request of the parent or guardian of the infant. 
Specimens will not be released sooner than 30 days after the test results are reported.

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