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Archived Outbreak Information - 2014

This information is no longer being updated.

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Important facts about Ebola

  • Current science shows that people CANNOT get Ebola through the air, water or food grown or legally purchased in the U.S. 
  • Ebola virus spreads by direct contact with blood or body fluids of a person who is sick with or has died from Ebola, or from direct contact with objects (like needles or syringes) that are contaminated with the virus.
  • People are not contagious until they have symptoms. 
  • People at highest risk for Ebola include healthcare workers and family and friends of infected patients. 
  • Early identification of cases is crucial.
  • Effective isolation of patients and appropriate infection control measures would contain any potential spread.

For more information:

Monitoring people for Ebola

Ebola and flu

Although flu and Ebola have some similar symptoms, Ebola is rare disease, particularly in the United States. Flu is very common. Unless you have had direct contact with someone who is sick with Ebola, your symptoms are most likely caused by flu.

Information for parents and guardians

For employers and business travelers

People with friends and family in affected areas

Mental health resources

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Page last updated: March 11, 2015