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CAHIP Steering Committee

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Trisha Brennan
Email  |  971-673-0995

OHA, Public Health Division
Health Equity Systems Coordinator

Jennifer Chandler
Email  |  971-673-3183

OHA, Public Health Division
Policy Specialist

Steering Committee Members


Adam Rea DHS, Self Sufficiency
Angela Weaver Oregon Office on Disability and Health
Brian Kirk DHS, Aging and People with Disabilities

Don Erickson

DHS, Operations
Gayla Andresen OHA/DHS, HSB Wellness
Jason Mak DHS, Office of Equity and Multicultural Services
Keely West OHA, Operations
Kris Kautz OHA, Operations
Larry Bingham OHA, Communications
Leann Johnson OHA, Equity and Inclusion
Lillian Shirley OHA, Public Health
Matthew Pettit DHS, Human Resources
Randy Blackburn DHS, Operations
Rebecca Long DHS, Child Welfare
Sarah Hargand Service Employees International Union
Stan Thomas OHA/DHS, Shared Services
Theresa Cross Public Employees Benefit Board
Vicki Duesterhoeft

OHA, Oregon State Hospital

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