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Caring for Your Teeth

Keys to good oral health for all ages

  1. Visit your dentist regularly.
  2. Brush your teeth using fluoride toothpaste for at least two minutes, two times a day.
  3. Floss between your teeth daily.
  4. Use fluoride (toothpaste, varnish, tablets, rinse, fluoridated water).
  5. Choose healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables and cheese.
  6. Drink water, low-fat milk and milk products (soy milk).
  7. Do not smoke marijuana or use tobacco products (cigarettes, e-cigarettes, hookah, chew).


More Information


Brushing Calendar

brushing calendar

To make brushing fun and rewarding, the OHA Oral Program has developed a calendar that children can use to keep track of brushing twice each day. Please download the calendar in a preferred language.

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