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Health IT Integration Fact Sheet

Authorized Oregon prescribers and pharmacists can now access Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) data within their electronic workflow via the PDMP Gateway. Using existing health IT systems and clinician workflow will save healthcare professionals time and reduce system redundancies. Access to accurate and timely PDMP information at the point of care can help health care professionals make better informed clinical decisions and improve patient care.

How it works

The PDMP Gateway is designed to automate searches, making patient PDMP data ready to view for rapid access within normal workflow. Health care providers can review patient records while also seeing the PDMP data for prescription fill information on controlled substances. The streamlined process eliminates the need to log into numerous systems, freeing providers to spend more time focused on care.

The PDMP Gateway is an Application Programming Interface (API) embedded in health IT systems that will allow authorized PDMP users to securely access Oregon’s PDMP data within their electronic workflow. This connection allows users to pass a request to Oregon’s PDMP through their health IT system’s connection to the Gateway. The Gateway and OHA’s system process the request and validate user credentials, and query the PDMP database to match patient identifying information. A result is returned through the Gateway to the user in their health IT system, delivered through the secure, encrypted channel set up by the Gateway. The user then views the PDMP result in their electronic workflow, and may choose to retain that result in the patient’s electronic record.

How to connect

Entities who wish to participate must apply and be approved by Oregon’s PDMP program. Upon approval by OHA, the Approved Entity will work directly with Appriss to initiate integration. This includes: completing an End User License Agreement with Appriss, establishing financing, and health IT vendor coordination.

Appriss’s PDMP Gateway is operating in many other states, and many health IT vendors have already developed the necessary connection to the Appriss Gateway. For systems that haven’t, the connection will have to be developed prior to integration. Approved Entities will need to work with their health IT vendor to establish and test their connection, the Gateway can securely query Oregon’s PDMP and return data within a prescriber or pharmacists’ electronic workflow.

Must be authorized PDMP user

Individual prescribers and pharmacists must have an active, valid PDMP user account to receive PDMP data back through the PDMP Gateway. 

Eligible Entities interested in using the PDMP Gateway must complete two forms (the PDMP Health IT Eligible Entity Integration Request Form and Oregon PDMP Gateway Service Use Agreement) and submit them to OHA. Upon approval, the Approved Entity will work directly with Appriss to initiate full integration. Approved entities will need to ensure their providers are enrolled in PDMP and have active user accounts.

See the Get started guide for full details.

Project Background

The ability to integrate the PDMP with current health IT systems is made possible by the passage of House Bill 4124 (2016) which received strong support from across stakeholder communities. The bill mandates that individual prescribers, pharmacists or their delegates to have an active PDMP user account in order to receive PDMP data through the new PDMP Gateway.

The PDMP Gateway is available via PMP Interconnect (PMPi), a platform operated by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). Appriss is the technology partner for PMPi.

Learn more

Visit the Oregon Health Leadership Council page.

Health IT Integration

The Oregon Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) Integration initiative is sponsored by HIT Commons, a shared public/private governance model formed between OHLC and the OHA. It is being guided by the expertise of the members of the PDMP Integration Steering Council.