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The Forensic Evaluator Certification Program (FCP) provides training, certifies qualified applicants, and maintains a list of certified forensic evaluators for statewide use.

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What's New:

Senate Bill 295 Information

During the 2021 legislative session, the Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill (SB) 295, which took effect on June 23, 2021. SB 295 is the product of the Aid & Assist Workgroup’s efforts to continue helping people receive competency restoration services at the right level of care to meet their needs.

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is working to alleviate patient population pressure at the Oregon State Hospital caused by the rapidly escalating number of patients sent to it by local courts under “aid and assist” orders.

The changes made in SB 295 will help remedy outstanding issues relating to aid and assist, hospital level of care, and community restoration. SB 295 also includes a reorganization of the aid and assist statutes.

Learn more about SB 295 and view OHA's recorded presentation

FCP Rule Changes

The FCP Program has revised its rules to reflect the changes made in SB 295. These revisions:

  • Include changes to the definitions;
  • Require evaluators to include a recommendation of treatment and other services necessary to allow the defendant to gain or regain capacity, including whether a hospital level of care is required due to the acuity of symptoms of the defendant’s qualifying mental disorder; 
  • Require evaluators to base their recommendation of hospital level of care on specific factors, including present safety concerns relating to the defendant; and 
  • Allow the evaluator to defer to the treatment provider’s recommendations on hospital level of care if the defendant is in a facility.

View the FCP OARs (309-090) in their entirety


SB 295 Resources:

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FCP Resources:

OAR 309-090 Standards for Forensic Evaluators and Evaluations