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Public Pools and Tourist Facilities

The Oregon Health Authority Public Pool and Tourist Facility Program works in partnership with local health departments, the recreation and tourist industry and the public to reduce the risk of waterborne illness and injury at public facilities. The program provides technical assistance, training, and education; coordinates rulemaking; and oversees the field inspection system

Pool and Tourist Facilities and COVID-19

Guidance on Governor Brown's Executive Orders Relating to Public Pools and Tourist Facilities

The Governor released her phased approach to reopening businesses in Oregon. 

Pool and Spa:

Public Pools and Spas must remain closed in Extreme Risk Level counties and will be listed under “Recreation and Fitness” in the released documents. 

Organizational Camps:

 Reopening Guidance Tool

A helpful table to determine what is allowed in each phase of guidance

Cleaning Guidance for Hotels and Motels After Possible COVID-19 Occupancy

English Español / Spanish اللغة العربية / Arabic 简体中文 / Simplified Chinese 繁體中文 / Traditional Chinese Foosun Chuuk / Chuukese Lus Hmoob / Hmong 한국어 / Korean Kajin Majol / Marshallese Русский / Russian Af Soomaali / Somali Tiếng Việt / Vietnamese

Temporary Rules - Enforcement of Executive Orders

The Oregon Health Authority (Authority), Public Health Division, has adopted OAR 333-003-1001 thru 333-003-3040 (modifications made on December 18th and December 24th) to implement the Governor's Executive Orders issued as a result of a declaration of an emergency due to the public health threat posed by coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The Executive Orders establish a number of community mitigation strategies including but not limited to, prohibitions and limitations on social and recreational gatherings, required physical distancing when outside the home, and closure of certain businesses and facilities. Required closures included pools/spas and certain tourist facilities. However, some facilities are permitted to reopen if they operate in a county approved for Phase II or III reopening and comply with Oregon Health Authority (Authority) guidance. Requirements in the guidance include that certain businesses are required to have staff wear face coverings, sanitize the facilities according to identified standards, and to implement physical distancing measures. These temporary rules provide the Authority with the ability to issue civil penalties and enforce the provisions of any Executive Order designated as a public health law, as long as the Executive Order is in effect.  The prohibition and requirements of these rules do not apply if the Governor has terminated the Executive Order underlying the prohibition or requirement. 

 New Web Portal for Inspection Reports


The Oregon Health Authority has launched a new web portal that will allow people to easily find inspection reports for food, public pool and lodging facilities, such as restaurants, swimming pools and hotels across Oregon.

The portal is provided as part of a software update to the statewide licensing and inspection system. The site will show semi-annual, biennial and annual routine inspections as well as reinspections.  


**Please note that there is a 14-day lag from the date of inspection until it is shown on the website**

Updated Organizational Camp Rules


The Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division has updated the rules relating to Organizational Camps. These rules set health and safety standards for operators of these facilities and were developed in consultation with local health departments and the organizational camp industry.  

Tourist Facilities


Hotels and motels are inspected by the Local Public Health Authority and the focus is on safety and general sanitation concerns.

Organizational Camps

Recreational Parks

Recreational parks are inspected semi-annually by the Local Public Health Authority and the focus is on safety and general sanitation concerns.

Bedbug Information

bed bug

In recent years, public health agencies across the country have been overwhelmed by complaints about bed bugs.

An integrated approach to bed bug control involving federal, state, tribal and local public health professionals, together with pest management professionals, housing authorities and private citizens, will promote development and understanding of the best methods for managing and controlling bed bugs and preventing future infestations.

Information on bedbugs:

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