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Oregon Emergency Medical Services for Children

About EMSC

The Oregon Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Program strengthens the Oregon EMS system through sharing education, resources, and quality improvement initiatives. The Oregon EMSC Program supports emergency medical services (EMS) agencies and hospitals in the provision of pediatric emergency medical and trauma care, with the ultimate goal of all EMS providers, agencies and hospitals being "Everyday Ready" to treat kids.

Established: 1986
EMSC Program Manager: Rachel Ford, MPH | (971) 673-0564
EMSC Program Director: Dana Selover, MD | (971) 673-0546
EMSC Program Performance Measures
Funding Sources: Health Resouces & Services Administration EMSC State Partnership Grant (H33MC06700) & Oregon EMSC General Funds

The Oregon EMSC Program collaborates with partners to reduce morbidity and mortality, support EMS research, promote disaster preparedness, and advance family-centered care and emergency care for children with special healthcare needs.​


  • Annual EMS surveys: agency and state-level reports
  • EMS Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator newsletter
  • EMS Resource Guide
  • Pediatric equipment for rural and frontier EMS agencies
  • ​​CEU available
  • National Pediatric Readiness Project assessments: hospital and state-level reports
  • Pediatric Readiness Program: resource sharing, education sessions, quality improvement (QI)
  • Weight in Kilograms QI initiative: April 2021 - March 2022


Available and mailed upon request,

  • PEDIATAPES: color-coded length-based tape to assess the weight of pediatric patients and support accurate medication dosing.
  • Pediatric Assessment:​ laminated resource sheets with resuscitation, burn, vital signs, GCS, APGAR, and SpO2 patient care information. Includes Velcro strips so that they can be attached to interior of emergency vehicles.

Oregon Pediatric EMS Data Report: Call Volume, Transport and Performance Metrics

Oregon 2020 Annual EMS Survey Reports

Oregon 2015-16 National Pediatric Readiness Project Assessment Reports

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