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E-Cycles for Consumers: Frequently Asked Questions

Oregon E-Cycles provides free recycling of computers (desktops and laptops - including tablets), monitors, TV, printers and peripherals (keyboard and mice). The program does NOT currently provide free recycling of  speakers, scanners, game consoles or other types of electronics or appliances.

Households, small businesses and small nonprofits

Oregon E-Cycles allows households, small businesses and small nonprofits to recycle more than seven items at one time. Oregon E-Cycles defines small businesses and small nonprofits as having 10 or fewer employees. Please call the collection site ahead of time to inquire about any verification needed and to ensure the collection site has the capacity to handle your items.

Larger organizations

If you are a larger organization, you may still take your devices covered by the program to an Oregon E-Cycles collection site or service for recycling, but you may be charged for items over the seven unit-at-a-time limit. Please call the collection site ahead of time to make arrangements.​

​You can search for Oregon E-Cycles collection sites and services on this website or by calling, 1-888-532-9253.

You can also look for the Oregon E-Cycles logo at collection sites. Sites displaying the logo are participants in the program.

And remember that when you buy a new computer, monitor or TV, retailers will provide you with printed information about Oregon E-Cycles, reminding you to visit the Web site or call the hotline for more information.

No. Locations affiliated with Oregon E-Cycles will display the Oregon E-Cycles logo, indicating their participation in the program.

Locations that are NOT part of Oregon E-Cycles are not required to provide free recycling of computers, monitors and TVs.

E-cycling is important for many reasons. Electronics are made with valuable materials that can be recycled into new products. Electronics also contain toxic materials such as lead, cadmium and mercury. E-cycling protects our health by keeping these toxics out of the environment.

No. Participating Oregon E-Cycles collection sites must accept computers, monitors and TVs from anyone bringing seven or fewer items at a one time. However, there may be a charge for at-home pick-up, curbside services, or other premium services.

An Oregon state law passed in 2007 requires electronics manufacturers to pay Oregon E-Cycles. Oregon E-Cycles is an example of product stewardship, where the company that makes a product is responsible for recycling the product. Manufacturers include the costs of recycling their products in the cost of doing business.

If you are a household, small business with 10 or fewer employees, or small 501(c)(3) nonprofit with 10 or fewer employees, you may take more than seven computers, monitors and TVs to a participating collection site at one time. However, you may be asked to verify your status as one of these entities. Please call collection sites ahead of time to inquire about any needed documentation and to ensure they have the capacity to handle your items.

If you are not one of these entities, collection sites may charge you for computers, monitors and TVs over the seven item limit.

Oregon E-Cycles only provides free recycling for computers, monitors and TVs. Oregon E-Cycles collection sites may also take other devices that are NOT covered under Oregon E-Cycles, but may charge a fee to recycle these items. Please ask the collection site about additional items and fees.

If your local Oregon E-Cycles collection site does not accept other devices, there are many other businesses that recycle electronics. Some may charge a fee, depending on what items you want to recycle. If you live in the Portland Metro area, call Metro’s Recycling Information Hotline at 503-234-3000. Otherwise, contact your local solid waste offices office for recyclers in your area.

​Oregon E-Cycles requires participating recyclers to follow, at a minimum, environmentally-sound management practices established by DEQ. EMPs require recyclers to demonstrate that their programs do not harm human health and the environment.

There’s more to greening your computers, monitors and TVs than e-cycling them when they’ve reached their end of life. How you use your electronics, what you purchase to replace old electronics and what you do with your unwanted electronics all have important environmental impacts.​ 

​Retailers are only permitted to sell computers, monitors and TVs from manufacturers that have met all requirements under Oregon E-Cycles. DEQ maintains a list of manufacturers and their compliance status for this purpose.

Premium services are services that are offered by participating recycling programs under Oregon E-Cycles in addition to the standard collections sites and services. Examples of “premium services” could include mail back or pick-up services. There may or may not be a fee associated with these premium services.

For general inquiries from the public about Oregon E-Cycles, including assistance locating participating collection sites, please use the resources listed below:

For other inquiries, including questions from service providers, manufacturers, and retailers, call 503-229-5830 or email