Oregon E-Cycles

Recycling obligations

DEQ assigns all manufacturers a recycling obligation by May 1 each year. This obligation, or return share and return share by weight, is the percentage and weight, respectively, of computers, monitors, TVs and printers that a manufacturer is responsible for recycling through a recycling program.

For more information on how DEQ determines recycling obligations:

​The Oregon E-Cycles Preliminary Collections Determination for 2020 is open for comment through April 29, 2019. Comments can be emailed to info.ecycle@deq.state.or.us

Recycling programs

Manufacturers must participate in a DEQ-approved recycling program. Manufacturers are required to declare which recycling program they will participate in for the following calendar year at the time of registration. Each recycling program must:

  1. Establish a collection site in every city with a population of 10,000 or greater.
  2. Provide a collection service in every county.
  3. Provide FREE recycling for all brands of computers, monitors and TVs to anyone bringing seven or fewer items to a participating collection site.
  4. Operate throughout the year.
  5. Meet or exceed DEQ Environmental Management Practices and Collection System Standards.
  6. Cover their recycling program costs.

There are three types of recycling programs a manufacturer may participate in:

State contractor program

All manufacturers are participants in the state contractor program unless they choose to participate in and meet the qualifications for an individual or group manufacturer program.

Independent program

A manufacturers with a minimum of five percent return share may implement a program under a plan approved by DEQ. The plan must identify a representative for the recycling program.

Group manufacturer program

A group of manufacturers may implement a manufacturer program as one entity if the sum of their return shares is at least five percent. The group implements a program under a plan approved by DEQ.

Manufacturers choosing to implement a recycling program (Individual or Group) must submit a plan proposal to DEQ by July 1 of each year. Plans should be developed based on a calendar year, submitted and approved annually. Recycling Programs must be fully operational on January 1 of each year. 

Guide for Manufacturer Recycling Plans