Oregon E-Cycles

Local governments have the opportunity to play an important role in Oregon E-Cycles. By promoting the program to local residents and businesses, you can educate them about the importance of e-cycling and help them locate participating collection sites.


Local governments can:

  1. Assist with education and outreach. Use the outreach materials – which include a flyer, brochure, info card, sticker and poster – in your education and outreach efforts. By using the outreach materials developed by DEQ, you can ensure that consistent and accurate information about Oregon E-Cycles is provided statewide.
  2.  Assist inquiries from the public and media. Use the information provided in the Local Government Toolkit when promoting or talking about Oregon E-Cycles with the public and the media. If you receive more technical questions, or questions not addressed in the toolkit, please direct them to Oregon E-Cycles program staff.

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