Oregon E-Cycles

Both current and former manufacturers must comply with all requirements under Oregon E-Cycles (ORS 459.300-.365) in order for their products to be sold in or into Oregon.

Manufacturers must:

    1. Register with DEQ

      Registration is an annual requirement (ORS459A.300-.365). Manufacturers of computers, monitors, TVs, and desktop printers sold in or into Oregon must register with DEQ by Dec. 31. Former manufacturers must also register if their devices were sold in ot into Oregon in the previous year and are not currently registered by another manufacturer. Registration is open from Oct. 15 – Dec. 31 every year. 

    2. Pay registration fee

      Manufacturers must pay a registration fee to DEQ annually. Invoices for registration fees are sent in May; payment is due July 1.

      Manufacturers registration requirements 

    3. Participate in a recycling program

      At the time of registration, manufacturers must indicate which recycling program they will use: the State Contractor Program, their own program or a group program. Manufacturers must meet certain requirements to pursue their own or group program.

    4. Pay recycling fee

      Annual recycling fees, if applicable, are invoiced July 1 and are due Sept. 1.

      Recycling Obligations and Programs


Label computers, monitors, TVs and printers

All Oregon E-Cycles covered electronic devices sold in or into Oregon must have a readily visible brand label permanently affixed to the product.
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Oregon E-Cycles annual timeline

The annual timeline below provides information for two manufacturer requirements:

(1) registration notices and fees, and (2) recycling obligation notices for all manufacturers and the fees for manufacturers participating in the State Contractor Program.

October to December

Manufacturer registration period
Register online: www.ecycleregistration.org.


Provide brand market share for previous year used to determine registration fee tier placement and TV manufacturer recycling obligations


Receive preliminary registration fee tier placements for current-year registration


Deadline for submitting registration fee tier reassignment requests to Oregon DEQ


Receive final registration fee tier placements and invoices for current-year registration
Receive minimum recycling obligations (return share and return share by weight) for next calendar year


Deadline for submitting reconsideration of recycling obligations (return share and return share by weight) requests to Oregon DEQ


Registration fee due for current calendar year
Receive recycling invoice for manufacturers participating in the State Contractor Program


Recycling fee due for manufacturers participating in the State Contractor Program

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Provides manufacturers with detailed information to successfully meet their obligations under Oregon E-Cycles.