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Find out About the Disposal Ban

It is illegal in Oregon to dispose of computers, monitors and TVs in the garbage or at disposal sites such as landfills, incinerators and transfer stations. Anyone knowingly disposing of these items can be fined. 

Some transfer stations DO accept these items for recycling.

Click here for a list of FREE recycling locations or call 1-888-532-9253.

The purpose of the disposal ban, which went into effect January 2010, is to require people to reuse or recycle these items. Reuse and recycling saves energy, conserves resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts. In addition, requiring manufacturers to take responsibility for end-of-life management of their products encourages them to design products with less waste and fewer toxics. 

If your garbage and recycling is picked up at the curb:

Don't place computers, monitors and TVs in your trash, recycling bin or place them at the curb. These items require special handling and cannot be collected via your regular curbside service. 

If you haul your own trash:

Disposal sites cannot accept computers, monitors and TVs for disposal. A recycling depot located at a landfill, transfer station or other site may accept them for recycling. Check with the facility first. 

Oregon E-Cycles provides free recycling of computers, monitors and TVs. Anyone can bring seven or fewer computers, monitors and TVs at a time to participating Oregon E-Cycles collectors for free recycling.