Oregon E-Cycles

General inquiries

For general inquiries from the public about Oregon E-Cycles, including assistance locating participating collection sites, please use the resources listed below:

Other inquiries

For other inquiries, including questions from manufacturers and retailers:
Oregon E-Cycles program staff: 503-229-5830
Send an email to ecycle.info.

eCycleRegistration website

For technical questions about the eCycleRegistration website: Jason Linnell of ERCC

Service provider inquiries

For inquiries regarding how to provide collection, transportation or recycling services for Oregon E-Cycles, please contact the program persons listed below.

Manufacturer recycling P​rograms

Manufacturers Recycling Management
MRM Executive Director: Tricia Conroy, 612-377-6031
NW Plan Manager: Ali Briggs-Ungerer, 503-488-0772

State contractor program

National Center for Electronics Recycling
Jason Linnell, 304-699-1008