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In Oregon, it’s free and easy to safely recycle TVs, computers, laptops, printers, monitors and tablets. The Oregon E-Cycles program ensures harmful materials like lead and mercury that are often found in older electronics are kept out of our air, soil and water. When we recycle our unwanted electronics, we are each doing our part to keep our state clean, safe and sustainable. 

Anyone can take seven or fewer items to the more than 200 convenient locations across the state. Accepted items* include: 
Accepted Items

* Other types of electronics are currently not included in this program

There are over 200 convenient, collections sites around the state, and finding your nearest location is as simple as calling 888-532-9253,visiting, or clicking the locate now icon. Call ahead if you have large or heavy items. If you have large or heavy items (for example, console TVs), please call ahead to ensure the collection site has capacity to handle your items.

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Data security 

For those items that may have personal information stored on them, here are some simple guides to erasing your data from your computer before recycling it.

For more details about protecting your data before you drop off your electronics for recycling, see:

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality does not endorse any particular product or company, but offers these links as a public service to help ensure safer recycling and disposal of electronics.  

Reuse, repair and donation options 

If your television, computer, monitor, or printer is in working condition, consider reuse, repair, and donating before taking them for e-cycling. 

Reuse it. Save memory space on your new computer by designating the old one for a specific task, like word processing or hosting your music collection. An old TV can serve as a second set in another room, or be used for games and/or movies.

Repair and/or upgrade it. A computer or TV repair shop can often make your old electronics like new again. Upgrading a few parts in an old computer can also be a cost-effective alternative to buying a new one. 

Donate it. Just because you can't use it doesn't mean someone else can't! Give your old printer, computer, monitor or TV to a family member, friend or student in need. If you don't know anyone who could use your old working electronics, donate them to a second-hand store, charity or reuse organization.

Households, small businesses and small nonprofits

Oregon E-Cycles allows households, small businesses and small nonprofits to recycle more than seven items at one time. Oregon E-Cycles defines small businesses and small nonprofits as having 10 or fewer employees. Please call the collection site ahead of time to inquire about any verification needed and to ensure the collection site has the capacity to handle your items.

Larger organizations

If you are a larger organization, you may still take your devices covered by the program to an Oregon E-Cycles collection site or service for recycling, but you may be charged for items over the seven unit-at-a-time limit. Please call the collection site ahead of time to make arrangements.​

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