Shipping Point Inspection

The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers. Through the Shipping Point Inspection Program, ODA provides competent and highly-skilled staff to certify Oregon commodities.

  • Third-party grading

    • Produce is often purchased directly from producers on a contractual basis with grade, size, maturity, and other quality stipulations defined in the contract. ODA provides unbiased official sampling, grading, and certification, giving confidence of fairness and equity to each party's interest.

  • Alternative inspection programs

    • ​Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) federal/state inspectors from ODA train the customer's inspection staff to perform inspections using federal and state grade standards, inspection techniques, and procedures. Grades and procedures are verified and certified under an audit-based system by FSIS.​



Casey Prentiss
Assistant Program Area Director
Phone: 541-889-5274
Fax: 541-889-5077