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Weights and Measures


​​​​​​​​Oregon Weights and Measures administers, regulates and enforces weights and measures requirements within this state pursuant to ORS 618. Objectives of the program include:

  • Ensuring that weights and measures (including scales and meters) used commercially​ within the state are; 
    • suitable for their intended use, 
    • properly installed and accurate, 
    • and are so maintained by their owner or user.
  • Preventing unfair dealing by weight or measure in any commodity or service advertised, packaged, sold or purchased within this state.
  • Making available to all users of physical standards or weighing and measuring equipment the precision calibration and related metrological certification capabilities of the weights and measures facilities of the State Department of Agriculture.

  • Uniform standards and regulations:
    • Weights and Measures promotes uniformity between Oregon and other state and federal jurisdictions through the use of nationally agreed upon standards and model regulations developed by consensus standards orgranizations including NCWM, WWMA, ASTM, and NIST.
  • Scales and Meters:
    • Weights and Measures promotes trust and confidence in the weighing and measuring equipment used in commerce from the grocery scale to the gas pump as well as all sizes of equipment used in industry through routine field testing and evalution of comercial weighing and measuring equipment to uniform nationally accepted standards designed to encourage accuracy, promote transparency, and discourage fraud.
  • Packaged products / Bulk commodities
    • Weights and Measures promotes fair competition in the market through uniform nationally accepted standards for the packaging and labeling of products.  These standards provide information on packaged and bulk products advertising the product identity, quantity, and price so that buyers may make meaningful value comparisons while shopping.

Weights and Measures Forms

License Application and Placed in Service (PISR) Forms Weights and Measures Forms

Calibration Services

Calibration services for mass standards, test weights, and meter proving equipment. Metrology Laboratory Website

Motor Fuel Quality

General information for ODA's motor fuel quality program. Motor Fuel Quality Webpage

Service Agent Information

Information for Service Agents Service Agent Information

Repair orders, Stop use orders, and NNC's

General information regarding weights and measures repair and stop use orders (including notices of non-compliance NNC's) repair orders, stop use orders, and NNC's

Official Letters

General information regarding delinquent 10 day notice letter and on-notice letters issued by weights and measures. Official Letters



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