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Weights and Measures

​​​​​Get what you pay for

Know what to look for when a scale is being used in your purchase.

  • As the customer you should be able to see the weight display plainly without having to ask to see the scale. 
  • You also should​ be able to see the scale platter and observe the weighing process.
  • Look for the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) Weights and Measures approval sticker that shows the scale is licensed, tested, and approved.
  • Make sure the scale starts at zero (or less, if there is packaging).
  • Watch prices as they appear on the register to ensure they match shelf tags.
  • Review your receipt while still in the store.

Packaging and tare

  • Tare is the weight of packaging material. You should only pay for the weight of the product, not the container.
  • The cost of the container is part of the overhead cost a retailer must consider when setting the price per pound of an item.
  • Many scales are capable of storing tare weights in their memory. For scales without such capabilities, the retailer should set the container on the scale and “zero” the scale before adding any product to the container and weighing the product.
  • If you don’t see any sign that tare is being taken, feel free to ask the retailer “are you taking tare?”


Firewood complaints fall under the jurisdiction of the Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ), visit their website to file a complaint.

Read the Avoid Getting Burned brochure and Firewood Method of Sale document for more information. 


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