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Weights and Measures

​Weights and Measure​​​s Licensing Requirements

If you are going to use your scale or meter commercially, then you may need a license.

If you own a scale and buy, sell, or trade it is likely that Oregon law requires the scale to be licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA).

Commercial scales 

Oregon law requires the scale to be licensed in the following cases:

  • It measures product in mass units
  • It is used to value a product when ownership is transferred from seller to buyer
Commercial scales must be licensed regardless of the application. Mass flow meters used to weigh product are considered commercial scales. 

Shipping scales 

If a parcel must be weighed as a part of a transaction then the scale used must be a licensed commercial scale even if the parcel weight is not directly used to determine price. 

Commercial meters 

​Commercial meters are used to measure in volume units instead of weight. 

  • Oregon law requires the meter to be licensed if it is used to meter fuel in a commercial transaction. 
  • Commercial meters of all types must conform to the legal requirements set forth in ORS 646 and OAR 603-027, however only those used to sell fuel are required to be licensed.


Commercial measuring devices must conform to the requirements in ORS 646 and OAR 603-027 in order to be licensed by ODA.

Requirements include the following:

  • A valid National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) Certificate of Conformance (COC) 
  • Proper installation and adjustment
  • Meeting specifications and tolerances found in NIST Handbook 44 

Licensing process

  1. Placed in service report (PISR) is completed and returned to the ODA Weights and Measures Program along with your application and fee(s). 
  2. Once license fees are received by ODA it will be legal for you to use your device(s).
  3. When an ODA Weights and Measures investigator is in your area, he will inspect and test the newly installed device to verify that it meets all of the requirements.

​Service companies

You may purchase a scale or meter through a service company or hire a service company to install, repair, and assist in the licensing process.

License renewal

All licenses are issued with each fiscal year beginning on July 1 and expiring on June 30 of the following year. Licenses and fees cannot be prorated. Licensing fees for the next fiscal are collected beginning on May 15.


1. Online License Renewals

ODA online license renewals

2a. License Application/Renewal Form (CURRENT 2023-24)

Link to application form

2b. License Renewal Form (Prior Year, 2022-23)

Link to application form

3a. Placed in service report form — small scales (< 1,160 lb capacity))

Please use this form for all small scales excluding cannabis. Scales 0-1,160 lbs. Placed in service - small scales

3b. Placed in Service Report Form — Small Scales (Cannabis < 1,160 lb (526 kg) capacity)

Scale rated capacity 0-1,160 lbs Placed in Service - Cannabis

3b1. Cannabis & Weights and Measures Information

Cannabis and commercial scales handout

3c. Placed in Service Report Form - Small Scales (Hemp < 1,160 lb capacity)

A small scale placed in service report form for hemp licensees Placed in service - Hemp

4. Placed in service report form — large scales > 1,160 lb capacity

Scale capacity 1,161 lbs and up Placed in service - large scales

5. Placed in service report form — Mass Flow Meters

Placed in Service Report - Mass Flow Meters

6. Placed in service report form (all meters except for Mass Flow and LPG)

Placed in service - meters

7. Placed in service report form — propane/LPG

Placed in service - propane

8. Placed in service report information booklet

A question and answer format for information on Placed in Service Reports as well as their requirements in Oregon Administrative Rule. Placed in service report information

National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) Informational Handout

NTEP handout

Weights and Measures staff directory

Weights and Measures staff directory ODA Staff Directory Website



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