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Weights and Measures


Complaints investigated by ODA's Weights and Measure program general involve a descrpancy between the quantity of a product measured or advertised and the quatity of product actually delivered or received.  This includes pricing where price is computed automatically by a scale or motor fuel dispenser or if a descrepancy exists on a product label between net content, unit price, and total price.

Complaints involving product quality, price scanner accuracy, deceptive or unfair advertising practices, or general disput​​es between business and customer are refered to the Oregon Department of Justice.  ​​​​​​

Complaints involving motor fuels fall under ODA's Motor Fuel Quality Program.

Common complaints investigated by ODA include:

  • Motor fuel dispenser accuracy (both price and quanity delivered)
  • improperly labeled fuel dispensers (i.e. incorrect octane, non-ethanol labels, etc.)
  • inaccurate weighing and measuring devices including scales of all sizes, LPG dispensers, fuel meters, etc.
  • failure to take tare when determining product weights in either a packaged product or a direct sale.

Tare​: The weight of the unusable component(s) of the product purchased. This includes the weight of the container and any packing materials used to maintain product integrity.

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File a Complaint​

Fuel Complaints

Use this form for complaints related to fuel quality or quantity delivered. Fuel complaints​

General Complaints

Use this form for complaints involving scales, meters and other non-fuel related complaints. General Complaints

Packaging Complaints

Use this form for complaints involving packaged products. Packaging Complaints

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