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​​About Oregon's commodity commissions

  • At the request of growers, commodity commissions have been created since 1943. The 2021 Oregon Legislature authorized the newest commodity commission. All 23 commodity commissions operate with oversight from the Oregon Department of Agriculture. The ODA Director appoints all commissioners and also reviews and authorizes each commission's budget annually.
  • Commodity commissioners are Oregon public officials who volunteer their time for the economic betterment of the commodity.
  • Commodity commissioners carry out important decision-making for their individual commodity.
  • Each year, commissioners develop and approve a bwdget using their commodity's assessments (and other funds that may be available) for projects including non-branded promotion, research, and education. Commissioners determine the projects that will best benefit the commodity.
  • Looking for more information? Contact any one of the commissions using the commodity commission contact list​.

​Recruiting for commissioner applicants

ODA is recruiting volunteers to serve as Albacore, Alfalfa Seed, and Sweet Cherry commissioners. These commissions have partial terms created through resignation or previously unfilled positions. 

The Albacore Commission has one opening. ​

  • The Handler 1 position will serve through June 30, 2024.

Albacore handler applicants are the first purchasers of albacore. They may be involved in marketing or dealing in albacore as an owner, agent, employee, or broker and must have collected and paid the assessment on albacore for the last three consecutive years. The commission has a total of nine members: two are processors, five are fish harvesters, one is a public member. 

The Alfalfa Seed Commission has two openings; both will serve until June 30, 2025. 
  • The Producer 2 position and
  • The Producer 5 position.

The Oregon Sweet Cherry Commission​ has two positions open. ​

  • The Producer 1 position will serve until June 30, 2025. This position represents the Willamette Valley area, however since no one from that area has applied, ODA is accepting applications from all Oregon growers.
  • The Handler 1 position will serve until June 30, 2025. Handler applicants represent first purchasers of fresh cherries. Applicants must work or own a business that has​​​ collected the assessment from growers and remitted it to the Sweet Cherry Commission for at least the last three consecutive years.​

Historically, the 11 Sweet Cherry commissioners decide which research projects to fund with assessments to improve growing conditions and practices, including research on varieties. The commission also funds a cooperative marketing program, Northwest Cherries, to increase cherry sales domestically and internationally. ​​

Qualifications for all commissioner applicants 

  • Oregon resident
  • U.S. citizen
  • Paid the commodity assessment for at least the three preceding years
  • Have an active interest in the positive development and economic growth of the commodity industry in Oregon​​

Interested in applying to serve as a commissioner? ​

  • Complete and submit the General Commodity Commission Application form.
  • Producer and handler applicants need to list a position number on your application and check the appropriate box for producer or handler.
  • Fill out the form using a computer.
  • Print, sign, and date the form. Do not lock the form if using an electronic signature.
  • We prefer that you email your completed application. Scan your completed form and email the completed form to​
  • If you prefer, attach a letter(s) of support to your application.
  • ​​You may also mail your completed form to:
    Oregon Department of Agriculture
    Commodity Commission Oversight Program
    1207 NW Naito Parkway, Suite 204
    Portland, OR 97209​
We cannot accept previous year's forms, applications that are not readable, that do not have a producer or handler position number, or that do not have a signature. Please do not send photos of an application. ​


Commodity Commission application form—Beef Council

Beef Council application and qualification form

Commodity Commission application form—General

General Commodity Commission application and qualification form

Commodity Commission Application form—Hemp

Hemp commission application and qualification form

Commodity Commission application form—Wheat Commission

Wheat Commission application and qualification form

Commodity Commission Oath of Office

Commodity Commission oath of office form

Commodity Commissioner brochure (2021)

Love Oregon’s farms, ranches and commercial fishing? Support their success and apply to serve as a commodity commissioner. Commodity Commissioner brochure

Commodity Commissioner Openings (2022)

Commodity commissioner openings

OAR 603-042 Commodity Commission Administrative Rules

OAR 603 Division 42: Practices and Procedures for Commodity Commissions

ORS 571.400 to 501 Oregon Hemp Commission

Oregon Hemp Commission statutes ORS 571.400 - 501

ORS 576 Ag Marketing Generally (including Commodity Commissions)

ORS 576.051 to 576.455 - Commodity Commissions

ORS 577 Oregon Beef Council

ORS 577 Oregon Beef Council statutes

ORS 578 Oregon Wheat Commission

ORS 578 Oregon Wheat Commission statutes



Kris Anderson
Commodity Commission Oversight Program Manager
Agricultural Development & Marketing
Phone: 503-970-3260

Email commissioner applications to:​​

Alternate contact​

Annette Amundson
Program Assistant
Agricultural Development & Marketing
Phone: 541-656-8951