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Seed Regulatory Program

​​​​​The Seed Regulatory and Hemp Programs are jointly responsible for regulating the production, labeling, and sale of hemp seed in Oregon. Other programs, such as Plant Health and Market Access and Certification can assist in seed testing and exporting hemp seed. Find more information in the Agricultural Hemp Seed Requirements & FAQs

What is agricultural hemp seed? 

  • Seed that is sold or intended to be sold for planting
  • Unprocessed or partially processed
  • Capable of germination
  • Harvested from hemp plants that have been tested pre-harvest and found to contain no more than 0.3% THC. ​

Hemp registrations are required for hemp seed

  • ​Under Oregon law, hemp seed is classified as hemp, therefore to possess hemp seed in the state of Oregon you must have a valid hemp grower or handler registration. 
  • Prior to providing any seed-related services (i.e., seed testing, phytosanitary certificates, etc.) the department will verify hemp registrations - customers must have valid registrations at the time service is requested. 
  • Note: one exception to the need for registration is if the seed has been processed such that it is no longer capable of germination. 

Hemp seed exports

  • Contact​ for assistance with phytosanitary seed testing, inspection, and obtaining phytosanitary certificates for hemp seed exports. ​

Buying hemp seed

When purchasing seed, its is important to know what you are getting. All seed that is being sold for the purpose of planting needs to be in a package labeled accurately to reflect its contents.​

Selling hemp seed

To sell hemp seed in Oregon, either a retail or wholesale seed dealers license is required, depending on the end consumer. However, if a person is selling only seeds that they produce, a license is not needed. The state of Oregon does not recognize seed licenses issued by other states; out-of-state entities must have an ODA-issued license. 

  • A wholesale seed dealer license is required for any person who sells, offers, or holds for sale, agricultural or vegetable seed to retailers, distributers, brokers, or other wholesalers for resale.

Certified hemp seed

Record keeping

Oregon Seed Laws and the Federal Seed Act require certain records to be maintained for each lot of seed produced and sold. In addition, Oregon law requires hemp seed growers and handlers to maintain records. These requirements may not overlap—check with both programs to ensure that the correct information is maintained.

Labeling hemp seed

Hemp seed is considered an agricultural seed as defined in ORS 633.511 to 633.750​ and therefore the labeling requirements outlined in the Federal Seed Act and Oregon Seed Laws must be followed. 

Testing hemp seed

All information on a seed label must be based on seed tests including a purity exam, noxious seed exam, and germination testing conducted according to Association of Official Seed Analysts (AOSA) Rules for Testing Seeds.  For exporting seed, testing methods established by the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) may be required. 


Federal Seed Act (USDA)

Federal Seed Act

Hemp Seed Webinar - November 2020

Learn about the Oregon Seed Certification Service located at OSU and about ODA's Seed Regulatory Program including: hemp seed certification, seed labeling, seed regulations, and buying and selling hemp seed. Hemp seed webinar




For questions about hemp registration, regulations, or testing for THC​

Visit the Hemp Program site​

Hemp Program
Phone: 503-986-4652

​For questions about seed labeling, seed regulations, or buying and selling hemp seed
Teresa Nicholson
Phone: 503-871-7747
Elizabeth Savory
Phone: 503-986-4570
For questions about phytosanitary seed testing or hemp seed exports
Maria Marquez
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Elizabeth Savory
Phone: 503-986-4570