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Produce Safety Program

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Funding for the Produce Safety Program at ODA is through a grant from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). FDA funding for Oregon’s Produce Safety program is only for outreach, education and technical assistance. This means that in Oregon, ODA does not conduct inspections for the Produce Safety Rule, FDA does these inspections. 

The produce safety team offers the following resources for Oregon’s operations: 

  1. Outreach and education 
  2. Technical assistance 
  3. Developing an inventory of covered farms in Oregon

ODA has partnered with food safety and agricultural experts from Oregon State University Extension. This partnership expands our ability to educate on the Produce Safety Rule. Together, we offer Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training classes​ and technical assistance through pre-inspection visits called On-Farm Readiness Reviews (OFRR’s). 

​News and updates

​​Rule summaries

​​Biological soil amendments of animal origin


Leana Dickerson
Produce Safety
Phone: 503-689-7535
Heidi Hermansen
Produce Safety
Phone: 971-375-5157
Susanna Pearlstein
Produce Safety
Phone: 971-283-4749