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Smoke and Field Burning

​​​​​​​​​The Smoke Management Program administers the rules for field burning in the Willamette Valley. Field burning, sometimes referred to as open field burning, is the burning of residues associated with grass seed and cereal grain production in the Willamette Valley. It is a special kind of agricultural burning under Oregon law. 

There are two goals of the ODA Smoke Management Program: 

  • to protect public heath and 
  • to support Oregon grass seed producers in burning up to 15,000 acres annually. 

Field burning is a cooperative effort between the ODA Smoke Management Program, the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF), the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), the Oregon Seed Council and the grass seed growers of the Willamette Valley. 

Visit our Agricultural and Backyard Burning page to learn more about these types of burning.

For information about forest fires, view the Northwest Interagency Coordination Center fire location map​. This map displays active fire incidents within Oregon and Washington.


Smoke comments hotline
Smoke Management
Phone: 503-986-4709
Grower hotline (agricultural burning)
Smoke Management
Phone: 503-986-4755
Smoke Information
Smoke Management
Phone: 503-986-4701
Teresa Nicholson
Registration and Permitting Coordinator
Smoke Management
Phone: 503-871-7747
Susanna Pearlstein
Program Manager
Smoke Management
Phone: 971-283-4749
Elizabeth Savory
Program Manager
Smoke Management
Phone: 503-881-0889