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Seed Regulatory Program

​​​​​​​The Slow Pay/No Pay statutes (ORS 576.700 to ORS 576.814​) were established t​o ​provide minimum contract specifications for Oregon seed growers and to prevent "slow​ pay/no pay" problems​. The Oregon Department of Agriculture administers a program to assist growers in obtaining timely payments for their crops. ​

What seed kinds are covered? 

  • In 2011, HB 2159​ was implemented, covering grass seed kinds commonly sold for turf lawns or as forage seed. 
  • In 2018, HB 4068 extended Slow Pay/No Pay protections to all other seed kinds, including other agricultural seeds, vegetable, and flower seeds. 

​How can I submit a complaint? 

  • ​Prior to submitting a complaint, a producer or grower must send notice to the dealer of the amount owed as required by OAR 603-0147-200(1)
  • Contact the department prior to filling out the complaint form to discuss the details of the complaint.  The department will make an initial determination about the merits of the complaint and determine if a formal complaint should be submitted. 
  • If the department recommends that the complaint should go forward, fill out the Slow Pay No Pay Complaint form​ and submit it, as well as any relevant documents to the department via email to​
  • Relevant documents may include contracts, purchase orders, bills of lading, test information, invoices, payments received, email/conversation records, etc. 
  • Payment of $50 is due at​ the time the complaint form is submitted as required by OAR 603-047-200. Payment can be submitted the following ways:
    • Mail checks or money orders to:
      • Oregon Department of Agriculture, PO Box 4395, Unit 17, Portland, OR 97208-4395
      • Reference Slow Pay/No Pay complaint on the check or money order
    • Submit credit card payment form: 
      • Via secure FAX to 503.986.4746 
      • Via mail to Oregon Department of Agriculture, 635 Capitol St NE, Salem, OR 97301-2532
      • Reference Slow Pay/No Pay complaint ​on the form
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Elizabeth Savory
Program Manager
Phone: 503-986-4570
Teresa Nicholson
Phone: 503-871-7747