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Market Access

​​​Our program connects Oregon growers, processors, wholesalers, and distributors to buyers in local, national, and international markets to grow sales for Oregon agriculture.

​You can find Oregon products in your local communities, across the United States and in many countries throughout the world.


Oregon Farmers' Markets Association Directory

OFMA Market Finder

Oregon Harvest for Schools directory

A tool to help Oregon school food buyers source Oregon-grown food products. Oregon Harvest for Schools portal

Oregon Taste Local Food Directory

A directory of local, fresh foods offered by independent producers across the state.

Oregon's Bounty Farm Stand Guide

Oregon Farm Bureau's mobile friendly directory of local farms near you. Farm stand directory

Rogue Valley Food System Network

See the Rogue Flavor Food Guide for a list of markets, events, classes, CSAs, restaurants, and more! Rogue Valley Food System Network website

Willamette Farm and Food Coalition (WFFC)

Facilitating and supporting the development of a secure and sustainable food system in Lane County, Oregon. Willamette Farm & Food Coalition website



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