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Seed Regulatory Program

​​​Seed sampling

Official sampling of seed commodities is provided by the Shipping Point Inspection Program to accomplish the following:

  • Meet the demands of importing countries that require testing for Phytosanitary Certificates and various other export requirements
  • Provide unbiased representative samples for testing seed quality and condition
  • Provide authorized seed samples for issuance of endophyte tags, sod quality tags, and International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) orange tags

Seed testing

The ODA Plant Health programs provides testing services to detect seed-borne bacteria, fungi, nematodes, pests, and other miscellaneous problems on seeds of grasses, clover, alfalfa, flowers, and other crops. Read more about our testing services.

How do I request seed sampling?

Preparing seed lot for sampling

  • Each container/bag must be identified with lot numbers.
  • Containers/bags must be no more than eight feet high (two high) and readily available for sampling without posing risks to the sampler.

Sampling tips

  • Notify the warehouse and make sure seed is available and accessible before requesting sampling services.
  • Have a person available at the warehouse to assist the sampler.
  • Check lot numbers, weights, and container counts before requesting sampling.
A minimum charge will be assessed if a sampler is unable to sample due to a lot not being accessible or prepared for sampling.




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Program Manager
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Steve Finch
Program Assistant
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