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Sept. 22-23, 2022

422nd regular meeting of the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission

Sept. 22-23, 2022: In-person and online (hybrid)
The Oregon Environmental Quality Commission met on September 22 and 23. The meeting was at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife offices in Salem, and people could attend in-person at that office or by Zoom, an online video conferencing platform, with toll-free telephone access for audio-only connections. 
  • Meeting venue: Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission Meeting Room, ODFW, 4034 Fairview Industrial Drive SE, Salem, Oregon

Thursday meeting recording:

Friday meeting recording:

Thursday, September 22: Noon to 3:30 p.m.

All times are approximate and subject to change

12 p.m.
Welcome and meeting open
The commission will convene the public meeting and review the day's agenda.

12:05 p.m.
Item A: Draft meeting minutes (Action)
The commission will review and take action on draft minutes from recent EQC meetings.

12:10 p.m.
Item B: Director's recruitment process update (Informational)
DEQ will provide an update on the process and timeline for the DEQ Director position recruitment.

12:30 p.m.
Item C: Air Quality Permitting Program rulemaking updates (Informational)
DEQ will present information about updates and rulemaking under development for the Air Quality Permitting Program. DEQ intends to present the proposed rules for commission consideration later this year.

1:40 p.m.
Break: The commission will recess for a short break.

1:55 p.m.
Item D: Recycling Modernization Act updates (Informational)
DEQ will present information on the development process of the rules for the Recycling Modernization Act (2021). DEQ intends to present the proposed rules for commission consideration in 2023.

2:40 p.m.
The commission will hold a comment opportunity for any environmental and public health issues relevant to DEQ and EQC. Sign-ups to comment will occur at the start of this agenda item, and people are asked to limit comments to three minutes or less.
Please note, the commission may not accept comments for proposed rulemakings where DEQ has held and closed the public comment period. For this meeting, this limitation applies to the Clean Fuels Program expansion rulemaking and Air Quality Permitting rulemaking. The commission also requests that people do not present additional comment on the petition for the Metolius River designation as an Outstanding Resource Water, as DEQ previously held and closed a comment period for that action item.

3:30 p.m.
Recess: The commission will recess the public meeting until 9 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 23, 2022.

Site visit: SeQuential Biofuels
Following the public meeting adjournment, commissioners and some DEQ staff will visit SeQuential Biofuels, in Salem, for an informational site visit. No commission business will be held during the site visit.

Friday, September 23: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

All times are approximate and subject to change
9 a.m.
Welcome and meeting open
The commission will reconvene the public meeting and review the day's agenda.

9:05 a.m.
The commission will appoint an Interim Director for DEQ, to begin service Sept. 30, 2022, until the appointment of DEQ's next permanent Director through the in-progress recruitment process.

9:20 a.m.
Item F: Petition to designate the Metolius River an Outstanding Resource Water (Action)
DEQ will present a recommendation for commission action in response to a petition for Outstanding Resource Water designation for a specified section of the Metolius River.
10:20 a.m.
Item G: Clean Fuels Program rulemaking (Action)
DEQ will present proposed rules to expand the Clean Fuels Program’s carbon intensity reduction requirements beyond the currently adopted 10 percent reduction in average carbon intensity by 2025.

11:45 a.m.
Break: The commission will recess for a short break.

Item H: Director's report (Informational)
DEQ will present written and verbal updates on agency activities and other issues of interest to the commission.

12:45 p.m.
Item I: Commissioner reports (Informational)
Commissioners will provide verbal updates on their activities and work of interest to the commission and DEQ. 

1 p.m.
Adjourn: The commission is scheduled to adjourn the public meeting at approximately 1 p.m.

Please note: A working lunch and executive session was previously scheduled from 1 to 2 p.m., but has been cancelled due to a lack of quorum for the executive session.



For questions about the commission please email Stephanie Caldera, or call 503-229-5301

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Please contact Stephanie Caldera for commission materials prior to 2020.