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For Service Providers

Service providers have the opportunity to participate in Oregon E-Cycles as a collector, transporter or recycler by securing a contract or agreement with an approved recycling program. Oregon E-Cycles participants are reimbursed for their services as negotiated through their contracts or agreements.

To participate

A collector, transporter or recycler must do the following to become a participant in Oregon E-Cycles: 

  1. Have a contract with the State Contractor Program or an approved manufacturer program.
    Collectors, transporters and recyclers must have a contract or agreement with the State Contractor Program, or an approved manufacturer program, to participate in Oregon E-Cycles. Contact recycling programs
  2. Meet the Environmental Management Practices.
    The State Contractor Program and approved manufacturer programs must ensure that their collectors, transporters and recyclers meet Oregon DEQ' Environmental Management Practices or equivalent standards. Additionally, programs will select collectors that meet the Collection System Standards.
  3. Acquire any necessary permits.
    Permits or changes to existing permits may be needed, depending on your location. If you have questions about what solid and hazardous waste regulations apply to you, contact your DEQ regional office.

Additional information

Customer education

Provide your customers with information about how to recycle their devices covered by the Oregon program using your own, or Oregon DEQ's outreach materials.  All computers, monitors and TVs are banned from disposal in Oregon. 

Premium services

A collection service may be interested in providing “premium services" to approved recycling programs under Oregon E-Cycles. A collector that provides a premium service to a covered entity may charge for the additional cost of providing the premium service, such as pick-up services.

For more information

Oregon E-Cycles: What Service Providers Need to Know 
Two-page factsheet highlighting collector and recycler requirements

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