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Air Quality Permitting Updates 2022

Proposed rule

Rulemaking contact: Jill Inahara, 503-875-4903  

DEQ is proposing updates to several rules that pertain to air quality permitting. The goals of this rulemaking are to ensure that communities are protected and that permits are comprehensive and meet all regulatory requirements. DEQ is undertaking this work now for several reasons. Proposed rule revisions will address some of the deficiencies identified in the 2018 Secretary of State audit of the air quality permitting program. In consultation with stakeholders, DEQ intends to simplify and clarify rules to speed up processes and improve statewide consistency. DEQ is also proposing to refine some earlier streamlining efforts to better achieve desired outcomes. With this rulemaking, DEQ also has an opportunity to address some environmental justice concerns by integrating requirements from recently passed legislation that pertain to a source's compliance history.  And DEQ is proposing several housekeeping changes to make the permitting rules easier to understand and implement.

DEQ is convening an advisory committee to review the technical issues and fiscal impacts related to the proposed rules. In convening this committee, DEQ has appointed members that reflect the range of entities that are both directly and indirectly affected by proposed changes to the rules.

Public involvement

The comment period closed at 4 p.m. on Aug. 1, 2022..
For more information, see the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, which includes the notice, and proposed rules.

Supporting documents:
Public hearing
DEQ held one public hearing on June 27, 2022. 

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EQC action

This meeting has not yet been scheduled.