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Area Commissions on Transportation

What is an ACT?

Area Commissions on Transportation are advisory groups chartered by the Oregon Transportation Commission. They address all aspects of transportation with a primary focus on the state transportation system. Area Commissions on transportation deal with regional and local transportation issues if they affect the state system. They work with other local organizations dealing with transportation-related issues.

ACTs and the STIP

Area Commissions on Transportation play a key advisory role in the development of the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, which schedules funded transportation projects. They establish a public process for area project selection priorities for the STIP.

Presenting to ACTs

Two or More ACTs

If you want to present an item to two or more ACTs, you must submit an ACT Agenda Request form to the Statewide ACT Liaison for approval at least six weeks in advance of the first ACT meeting.

Once the form is submitted, the liaison will review the request, notify the ACTs of your upcoming topic, and obtain any additional materials once an ACT has authorized your request. 

ACT Presentation Workflow


If you'd like to present to only one ACT, contact the individual ACT directly to schedule an agenda item.