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Equitable Engagement Compensation Program

What is the Equitable Engagement Compensation Program?

The Equitable Engagement Compensation Program or EECP compensates Oregonians participating in ODOT’s engagement activities, such as advisory committees, focus groups, workshops, and evaluation panels.

ODOT will pay eligible participants an hourly rate of $20-30 per hour via prepaid cash card for time spent at an engagement activity. 

This compensation is split into three types: 

  • Incentives are one-time payments, typically given to participants for one-time activities, like focus groups. 
  • Stipends are used for recurring activities, like advisory committees.
  • Community Engagement Contracts are contracts between ODOT and an individual or a community-based organization for specific deliverables.

Note that public meetings and open houses are not eligible for the EECP. 

Program eligibility 

Participants are not eligible for compensation if they receive payment from a third party to participate in our activity. A third party is most commonly an employer but can extend to any other entity that pays an individual to attend and participate.

Why is ODOT using the EECP?

ODOT regularly seeks input from community members on projects, plans, policies, and administrative rules. For many people, it costs time and money to engage with ODOT in taking time off of work, travel expenses and even child care. This barrier is higher for certain communities. Unfortunately, this results in us not hearing the voices of people and communities impacted by our work.

Compensation helps address this issue by lowering the unpaid time barrier. This allows more people to give us input on our work, making our engagement more equitable and resulting in decisions that better reflect the communities we serve.

How the EECP benefits

More people providing feedback means ODOT projects and infrastructure will better reflect the people in the community.

How to participate

The best way to join the conversation is to find ODOT engagement activities near you.  


Office of Social Equity
Shane Whittington
Operations and Policy Analyst

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