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Children’s Health Complexity Data


Children’s health complexity uses system-level data to summarize medical and social complexity factors for children with Oregon Health Plan (OHP) and Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) coverage. The Oregon Health Authority produces reports using children’s health complexity data. These data are intended to support coordinated care organizations (CCOs), providers and communities in their efforts to equip all families with the resources they need for their children to thrive. 

For questions or data requests related to children’s health complexity, please contact

For more background on this data project, please visit the Oregon Pediatric Improvement Partnership (OPIP) project page.


Using children’s health complexity data

CCOs can use children’s health complexity data to guide and support their efforts to engage communities and identify supports for families and children.

  1. Use population-level findings regarding children’s health complexity to engage community-level partners and facilitate community conversations
  2. Use health complexity data to develop models of care coordination and case management for children with various levels of health complexity
    • Data can be used to inform valuable centralized supports for children with health complexity.
  3. Use children’s health complexity information to guide efforts with front-line health care providers
    • Examine aggregate population-level data by practice and by geographic regions to assess resources and health complexity management needs in the practice and/or in the community.

Data requests

OHA can support a limited number of children’s health complexity data requests from CCOs. To make a data request, please contact

The use of children’s health complexity data is governed by data use agreements (DUAs). OHA can only fulfill requests that are allowable under current DUAs and may be required to de-identify or aggregate data. Examples of requests include:

  • Aggregate reports for different geographic areas, such as zip code or school district
  • De-identified reports related to specific social complexity indicators

Children’s health complexity data reports

The children’s health complexity data reports produced by OHA in collaboration with OPIP and ODHS. The reports include:

  • County reports
  • CCO reports
  • Statewide report
For more information about the 2021 reports, please see this cover letter from the OHA Chief Medical Officer and Director of Health Analytics.

About the reports

Children’s health complexity data and reports include children enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan (OHP, Medicaid) and Children's Health Insurance Program. The reports below are the 2021 state, CCO and county-level health complexity reports. The statewide report contains data for children ages 0 through 20 years old, who were residing in Oregon as of August 2021. The CCO reports contains data for children ages 0 through 20 years old, who were enrolled in that CCO as of August 2021. The county reports contain data for children ages 0 through 20 years old, who resided in that county as of August 2021.

The 2021 data reports were run using version 3.2 of the PMCA. Learn more about the PMCA.

See the data dictionary for details about data sources used for the social complexity indicators.

For questions regarding the data reports, please contact OHA's Children's Health Policy Team at

Statewide report


County reports

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CCO reports

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