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Transformation and Quality Strategy


The Transformation and Quality Strategy (TQS) has replaced the CCO Transformation Plan and Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement deliverables. This streamlined approach aims to move health transformation through providing CCOs with an opportunity to internally coordinate and align their transformation and quality work. CCOs submitted their first annual TQS in 2018. 


The 2021 TQS (covering January-December) is due March 15, 2021. 


If you have questions, please contact Anona Gund (

Technical assistance

Templates, guidance documents and webinars are available on the TQS technical assistance page.


NOTE: The Oregon Health Authority recognizes that the programs and projects included in each CCO's TQS are a showcase of current CCO work addressing TQS components that aim to make significant movement in health system transformation. Additionally, OHA recognizes that the work highlighted in the TQS is not a comprehensive catalogue or full representation of the CCO’s body of work addressing each component. CCOs are understood to be continuing other work that ensures the CCO is meeting all OARs, CFRs, and CCO contract requirements.

For more comprehensive information about a CCO’s body of work addressing a specific component, please contact the CCO’s Innovator Agent.

Advanced Health2020Annual TQSAdvancedHealth-2020-TQS
Advanced Health2019Annual TQSAdvancedHealth-2019-TQS
Advanced Health2018Progress ReportAdvancedHealth-2018-TQS-Progress
Advanced Health2018Annual TQSAdvancedHealth-2018-TQS
AllCare CCO2020Annual TQSAllCare-2020-TQS
AllCare CCO2019Annual TQSAllCare-2019-TQS
AllCare CCO2018Progress ReportAllCare-2018-TQS-Progress
AllCare CCO2018Annual TQSAllCare-2018-TQS
Cascade Health Alliance2020Annual TQSCHA-2020-TQS
Cascade Health Alliance2019Annual TQSCHA-2019-TQS
Cascade Health Alliance2018Progress ReportCHA-2018-TQS-Progress
Cascade Health Alliance2018Annual TQSCHA-2018-TQS
Columbia Pacific CCO2020Annual TQSCPCCO-2020-TQS
Columbia Pacific CCO2019Annual TQSCPCCO-2019-TQS
Columbia Pacific CCO2018Progress ReportCPCCO-2018-TQS-Progress
Columbia Pacific CCO2018Annual TQSCPCCO-2018-TQS
Eastern Oregon CCO2020Annual TQSEOCCO-2020-TQS
Eastern Oregon CCO2019Annual TQSEOCCO-2019-TQS
Eastern Oregon CCO2018Progress ReportEOCCO-2018-TQS-Progress
Eastern Oregon CCO2018Annual TQSEOCCO-2018-TQS
Health Share of Oregon2020Annual TQSHealthShare-2020-TQS
Health Share of Oregon2019Annual TQSHealthShare-2019-TQS
Health Share of Oregon2018Progress ReportHealthShare-2018-TQS-Progress
Health Share of Oregon2018Annual TQSHealthShare-2018-TQS
InterCommunity Health Network2020Annual TQSIHN-2020-TQS
InterCommunity Health Network2019Annual TQSIHN-2019-TQS
InterCommunity Health Network2018Progress ReportIHN-2018-TQS-Progress
InterCommunity Health Network2018Annual TQSIHN-2018-TQS
Jackson Care Connect2020Annual TQSJCC-2020-TQS
Jackson Care Connect2019Annual TQSJCC-2019-TQS
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