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Oral Health Technical Assistance

The Transformation Center will be offering technical assistance and resources to support CCOs and clinics working on the following oral health CCO incentive measures: preventive dental services ages 1-14 and oral evaluations for adults with diabetes.

Current opportunities

QI training and technical assistance for primary care diabetes control and dental care for patients with diabetes

Contact: or Laura Ferrara (971-413-9585)

One half-day virtual training on January 28 or March 11 plus an addition five hours for individually tailored improvement support targeting poor HbA1C and oral health evaluation.

Why: Despite advances in medical care, the number of people with diabetes in Oregon has more than doubled over the last 20 years, and total medical costs for the disease are over one billion dollars per year in Oregon. Clinical quality improvements have been shown to enahnce outcomes for people with diabetes, and prevent others from developing the disease. These improvements can boost performance on diabetes related quality incentive metrics.

Format: Clinic teams will select and develop quality improvement interventions targeting the diabetes control and dental care for patients with type II diabetes through 1) virtual training and 2) individually tailored technical assitance from ORPRN practice facilitators.

Who should participate: RNs, lead MAs, clinic managers, quality improvement staff and others interested in quality improvement for type II diabetes patient management/improving HbA1C poor control. Participants will learn to:

  • Measurably improve performance on diabetes-related quality incentive metrics
  • Better support patients at high-risk for COVID-19 compliations (e.g., people with type II diabetes)
  • Align efforts with telemedicine care for diabetes during COVID-19
  • Increase clinical efficiency and impact by aligning systems and workflows
  • Use new knowledge, skills and tools in quality improvement techniques that can be applied to multiple topics and incentive metrics beyond diabetes control/HbA1C poor control

Support will be tailored to the needs and interests of each clinic and could include:

  • Identifying gaps in current measure performance
  • Developing strategies to address gaps
  • Creating improvement targets
  • Training and consensus on approaches for providers and staff
  • Implementing evidence-based workflows
  • Engaging and educating patients


Member and provider materials

The Transformation Center coordinated the development of messages and materials to increase awareness among Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members and their providers on the importance of preventive dental care and to encourage members to use their dental benefits. The goal of these materials is to help members and their providers understand that:
  • Dental health is a key component of overall health and well-being
  • OHP members have dental coverage and what their benefits are
  • How OHP members can access dental care

The toolkit includes:
  • OHP dental brochures (seven languages)
  • OHP dental poster (seven languages)
  • OHP dental fact sheet for CCOs and providers
  • Key messages
  • Sample posts and tweets
  • Social media graphics

Supporting dental visits for children during COVID and beyond

Contact: Sarah Wetherson (

The current public health emergency creates special challenges for patients to bring their children in for preventive dental visits. OHA is sharing some resources to help make that a little easier.