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Maternity Care CDA

Maternity care CDA overview

A care delivery area (CDA) is an innovative value-based payment (VBP) arrangement. See the VBP Roadmap for Coordinated Care Organizations.

Maternity care is a significant opportunity for improvements in quality and cost in Oregon’s Medicaid program. Nearly half of all births in the state are covered by the Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid).

The maternity care CDA fosters innovative pilot VBP arrangements for providers across the spectrum of prenatal and postpartum care for a mother and their baby. Maternity care CDA pilots should be developed to provide comprehensive, integrated maternity care from “womb to crib” including, but not limited to, such services as:

  • Screening for domestic violence, substance abuse, and depression/behavioral health concerns;
  • Patient education;
  • Breastfeeding support; and
  • Doula care to support the health and well-being of the baby and family.

Technical assistance and resources

Technical assistance is coming soon.


Maternity Resource Bank – Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network

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