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Getting treatment

If you are an Oregon Health Plan member, contact your coordinated care organization and ask which providers you can see.  

For other local behavioral health resources, contact your Community Mental Health Program (CMHP).

Child and Family Behavioral Health staff contact list

Child and Family Behavioral Health Director
Chelsea Holcomb971-719-0265
Child and Family Behavioral Health Unit Manager
Jessie Eagan 503-510-9104
Administrative Specialist
Email the Unit
Youth Suicide Prevention Policy Coordinator
Jill Baker503-339-6264
Program & Policy Development Specialist
Kathleen Burns503-510-2662
Mental Health Program Policy Analyst
Tribal Liaison
Angie Butler503-890-0939
Substance Use Disorder Youth Program Coordinator
Bernardino De La Torre503-931-5461
System of Care Policy Coordinator
Hilary Harrison503-209-1949
Youth Suicide Prevention Program Coordinator
Shanda Hochstetler503-890-3575
Intensive Community Care Based Coordinator
Beth Holliman503-820-1197
Complex Clinical Care Coordinator
Summer Hunker503-756-8540
System of Care and Wraparound Program Coordinator
Nat Jacobs503-754-4287
Child Psychiatry Consultant
Ajit Jetmalani
Intensive Services Coordinator
Shannon Karsten503-358-8290
Children's 988/Mobile Response and Stabilization Services Coordinator
Brian Pitkin971-240-3508
School-Based Mental Health Program and Policy Coordinator
Fran Pearson503-890-3559
Family Partnership Specialist
Frances Purdy503-957-9863
Young Adult Service Coordinator
Lev Schneidman503-793-9892
Juvenile Fitness to Proceed Coordinator
Jessica Stout503-757-4722
Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist
Laurie Theodorou503-947-5525

Need help?

Can’t find the person you’re looking for? Call us at 503-945-6932.