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Youth Suicide Prevention


Rates of youth suicide have been rising since 2011. Concerned over this trend, the 2014 Oregon Legislature commissioned the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to:

  • Develop and oversee implementation of a five-year Youth Suicide Intervention and Prevention Plan
  • Convene an advisory group, the Oregon Alliance to Prevent Suicide
  • Provide postvention (after a suicide) technical assistance to Local Mental Health Authorities

The 2019-2021 Governor's Recommended Budget included dedicated funding for Youth Suicide Prevention for the first time in Oregon’s history. With this investment, some of the OHA initiatives are to:

  • Create statewide access to the “Big Six” suicide prevention, intervention and postvention programs
  • Fully fund the 24/7 crisis line 
  • Add suicide prevention staff, including an adult suicide prevention coordinator
  • Add funding for a peer-to-peer text/phone/chat service and youth development program


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​Jill Baker
Suicide Intervention/ Prevention Coordinator


Shanda Hochstetler
Suicide Prevention Coordinator​






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