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Our Policy Vision


In response to the Secretary of State's 2020 audit, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) developed a policy vision to engage consumers, providers and stakeholders in the development of  a 5-year plan to improve Oregon's behavioral health system for children, youth and families. The policy vision has six primary recommendations for success:

  1. Address gaps and quality in the children's behavioral health continuum of care
  2. Accurate and timely data across child-serving systems
  3. Increase youth and family participation in service planning and system development
  4. Promote and develop a culturally and linguistically responsive continuum of care
  5. Increase cross-system collaboration
  6. Emphasize and promote trauma-informed practice

Learn about OHA's policy vision for the child and family behavioral health system

Family Member Policy Vision Work Group

This workgroup will provide OHA and the Children's System Advisory Council (CSAC) a parent and family perspective about OHA programs and policies. Current work group priorities are to:

  • Review OHA's draft policy vision paper,
  • Prepare recommendations for discussion with young adults and agency service providers at upcoming CSAC meetings, and
  • Act as an ongoing sounding board regarding OHA's planning and evaluation of services for children, young adults and their families.

Work group members include CSAC's appointed Family Representatives and additional family members representing specific populations or regions of the state.

Policy Vision Meetings, Outreach and Learning Events

Upcoming Dates

Recent Events


2020 Secretary of State audit report update - 12/27/2021
CFBH-CSAC Final Report, Jan. 2022
Child and Family Behavioral Health - Draft Policy Vision
CSAC Family Representative Recommendations, 2022
Youth Feedback Report, 2021

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