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Presumptive Eligibility for OHP-Certified Community Partners

Presumptive Eligibility determination process

  1. Whenever possible, please have applicants complete a full OHP application via the ONE Applicant Portal before using this new PE process. This is expected to be the quickest path to coverage for most applicants. 
  2. Complete the CP Consent Form (Form 6610) using the remote assistance instructions. 
  3. Review all information on the PE Application (Form 7260) verbally with the applicant.
  4. Ask the applicant whether they agree that the information reviewed is true and accurate as stated; the applicant’s answer will act as the verbal signature.
  5. Put the applicant's name into the signature line with a note that signature was obtained verbally.
  6. Review the approval or denial notice verbally with the applicant and tell them the notice is their proof of coverage until benefits show in the OHP system. 
  7. Mail or securely email the notice to the address provided on the application. 
  8. Submit the following forms to OHP within 5 days of completing the PE determination: 
    • Fax Cover Sheet (ALWAYS include with both email and fax submissions) 
    • Community Partner Consent Form
    • PE Application
    • PE Approval or Denial notice

If faxing: 503-373-7493

If emailing:


Use the search field to find forms by form number, description or language. For example, to find the 6610 form, enter "6610."

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