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Paternity Forms & Instructions

Quick Guide to Order

Please submit the following to request a paternity establishment:

  • Birth Order Forms:
  • Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity Forms
  • Personal Check or Money order for the $35.00 amendment fee.
  • (An Additional $25.00 certificate fee, if you wish to receive a certified copy with the amendment.) 

    Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity forms are available in English and Spanish for use by hospitals and parents. Only forms that are dated 01/08 and newer will still be accepted. 

    (Forms dated before 01/08 do not include all legal requirements and should be destroyed)

    New Printable Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity Form

    Before signing the Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity form, both parents must hear the Rights and Responsibilities section of the form read aloud. To open this part of the form, see the following links:

    The Department of Justice also provides videos of this document read aloud on YouTube (as of February 6, 2015)
    Agencies ordering supplies: 

    Complete our order form specifying the quantity and type of forms/envelopes needed:

    • English Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity for Facility Use Only (45-31) (Hospitals only)
    • Spanish Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity for Facility Use Only (45-31S) (Hospitals only)

    Step-by-Step Instructions to complete a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity Affidavit

    Paternity Clerk Contact

    Kristen Farrell

    Alternative Address: