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Birth Certificate: Court Ordered Name Change

In-person customer assistance to change vital records is not available.

Amendment order processing times vary depending on amendment type and age of record. Click here for current estimations.

If you submitted a request and processing fee, the date your check or money order is cashed represents the verification of receipt. It also helps you estimate the time remaining before your request is processed.

  • Requests are reviewed and processed in the order they were received. If there are any issues with your request, you will be contacted at that time.

We are working diligently to reduce the turnaround times. If your request has not been processed after the current estimation times, please contact us at or call (971) 673-1147.

We appreciate your patience, thank you.

Oregon Vital Records will not automatically change your birth certificate if a court issues a court order of name change. Under Oregon law it is optional whether a birth certificate filed in Oregon is amended by the court order. To prove your name change without changing the birth record, you will need to show both an original certified copy of the birth record and a certified copy of the court order.

If your name has been changed by court order, you may obtain a certified copy of the order directly from the court that approved it. Fees vary; please check directly with the court.

For information about how to file for a court ordered name change:

In Oregon: Oregon Bar Association Name Change Information
Other States: Request information from the county or state circuit court in your locality.


How to change a birth certificate with a court order of name change

Oregon Vital Records will change the name of a child or a parent listed on a birth record if the proper documents and fees are submitted.

Submit the following at the Portland State Office Building Drop Box (find our office) or by mail:

  1. Original certified copy of the court order showing the original seal and signature of the court clerk. (Our office will keep this document in a sealed file)

  2. If the court order changes the legal name of the child named on the Oregon birth certificate, send a authorization form (fillable PDF) completed and signed by the person named on the record if that person is 18 or older, or one parent listed on the birth record requesting that the birth record be changed.


    If you are changing the name of a parent listed on the birth record based on a court order of name change, please fill out the authorization form to change child's birth record (fillable PDF). The child’s last name may be changed with the parents’ court order if the parent and child currently have an exact shared last name on the child’s birth record.

    If the birth record is for a child under the age of 18, then a parent named on the birth record, the legal guardian, or the parent who has sole legal custody of the child may sign the request to change the birth certificate.

  3. A completed birth record order form (fillable PDF). The order form will provide the mailing address and information on how to pay the fee.

    If you are ordering a full image/long form certificate for a birth occurring prior to 2008, please use this full image birth record order form (fillable PDF).

  4. $35 amendment fee

  5. Fees for new birth certificate copies. Short form certificates or any certificate for a birth occurring in 2008 or later is $25. If you need to order more than one certificate, additional copies ordered at the same time are $25 each. Full image/long form birth certificates are $30 for each copy.

  6. Fees for replacement certificates. You may return one original birth certificate issued in the last year for a free replacement. If you return more than one record for replacement, there is a $5 fee per certificate.

How the birth record will be changed

To prevent fraud, changes to names on birth records are documented. The name on the original birth certificate will be removed and the new name typed in. A footnote will be added at the bottom of the record referencing the name prior to the name change, the court order, and the date the record is changed.

If the court grants a sealed name change order, or the court order specifically requires that a new birth certificate be created, submit the documentation showing that the name change was sealed. With this documentation you may request a new birth record that does not have a footnote showing the name prior to the amendment.

Some agencies may require a birth record documenting the details of the name change. To obtain this version of your birth record, please request a "long form" or "full image" copy when you order your record. Some agencies may also require you to provide a certified copy of the court order of name change to change your name in their records.