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Change a Marriage Record

Under Oregon law county marriage offices have primary responsibility for issuing marriage licenses and certificates. Once filed at the local county marriage office, certificates are forwarded to the State Vital Records office to create a permanent statewide file.

All requests to change an Oregon marriage certificate must be approved by the county marriage office that issued the license.

  • Contact the local county marriage office that issued the marriage certificate to request a correction.
  • If a county marriage office approves an amendment or correction, they request the State Vital Records Office to correct the marriage record in the statewide file. No amendment fee is required for these corrections.
  • If you received a certified marriage certificate from the State Vital Records Office within the last year and the record has been corrected, it may be returned for a free replacement certificate.  You must return it within a year of the issue date.

If you know the local county marriage office has requested the Oregon vital records office to correct your marriage certificate, you may check the status of the amendment by emailing: