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Change a Divorce Record

Under Oregon law, county courts have primary responsibility for approving dissolution of marriage judgments (divorce decrees). When a divorce judgment is approved by a judge, a second form called a dissolution of marriage certificate (divorce certificate) is signed by the court clerk and forwarded to the State Vital Records Office for filing, if the certificate form was filled out and submitted with the divorce judgment to the court. 

All requests to change an Oregon divorce certificate must be approved by the county court that approved the divorce judgment.

  • To request a correction, use the Oregon County Court Information Finder to find the county contact information for the county that approved the dissolution of marriage .
  • If the court approves an amendment or correction, a request will be sent to the State Vital Records Office to change the certificate. No amendment fee is required for these corrections.
  • If you received a certified divorce certificate from the State Vital Records Office within the last year and the record has been corrected, it may be returned for a free replacement certificate. You must return it within a year of the issue date. 

If you know a county court has submitted a request to change a divorce certificate, you may check on the status of the amendment by emailing