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Case Manager Training


The purpose of this page is to provide online, on-demand training materials for Ryan White Part B funded HIV Case Managers and Care Coordinators in Oregon. You will find a growing library of resources that will enable you to provide case management services efficiently and effectively. Please let HIV Community Services know of any other materials that would be of help to you.

On this page:


  • All of these modules include recorded audio. We recommend utilizing headsets to avoid distracting others near you.
  • For new case managers, we recommend viewing these modules in order. Upon completion, you will also need to submit the Certification of Completion.
  • For experienced case managers needing a refresher in a particular area, navigate to the module of interest to you.

Introduction to Case Management

Title Material Covered Approximate Running Time (minutes)
Module 1 Introduction to the HIV Care & Treatment Program Provides a brief overview of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, federal programs for PLWH, and Ryan White Programs in Oregon. 15 - 20 minutes (with external videos)
Module 2 Oregon Housing Opportunities in Partnership (OHOP) Program Provides an extensive overview of the OHOP program, including history and rationale of the program, information about service regions, eligibility criteria, services including utility assistance, referral and waiting list policies, certification and terminations and roles and responsibilities of clients, housing coordinators and case managers. 18 minutes
Module 3 Supportive Services Overview of locally managed and state managed services, including the process for access SMS, program requirements, and other service considerations. 24 minutes
Module 4 CAREAssist Program Overview Introduction and history of CAREAssist, eligibility information, services, client responsibilities and additional resources. 13 minutes

Standards of Case Management Services

  Title Material Covered Approximate Running Time (minutes)
Module 1 Introduction to the Standards Provides review of case management roles, an introduction to the guiding principles of case management, and a brief overview of the 7 related standards. 40 minutes
Module 2 Intake & Eligibility Provides an overview and demonstration of the intake process. 8 minutes 45 seconds
Module 3 Screening & Assessment Provides an overview and demonstration of the psychosocial screening and nursing assessment. 23 minutes
Module 4 Acuity Scales Provides and overview of the acuity scale and assignment process. 8 minutes
Module 5 Care Planning Provides an overview of the care planning process, including how to ensure goals are SMART. 16 minutes
Module 6 Information & Referral Provides an overview of information, referral and advocacy.


4 minutes
Module 7 Follow-Up & Monitoring Provides an overview of follow up and monitoring processes, including triage, care coordination, rescreening/reassessment, changes in care plan and acuity, and referral outcomes.


16 minutes
Module 8 Transfer & Termination Provides an overview on transfers and terminations, including the lost to follow up policy. 5 minutes

CAREWare Modules

Using the CAREWare Modules

This training consists of a series of 11 modules demonstrating the features of CAREWare.

  Title Material Covered Reference Materials Approximate Running Time (minutes)
Module 1 Overview of CAREWare Introduction to modules, history of careware, software & hardware configurations, software updates, log-ins and passwords CAREWare Add/Delete User Form (Word) 8 minutes
Module 2 Getting Started Logging into careware, changing your password, navigating the main menu, adding a new client, adding a client who has been served by another Part B agency   15 minutes
Module 3 Entering Demographic Information Entering demographic data, vital and enrollment status, searching for an existing client, reviewing the change log, responding to idle/timeout message 15 minutes
Module 4 Entering Case Notes & Service Data Entering case notes, service data and running service related reports

Policies and Procedures Manual (pdf), Quick Guides (both County (pdf) and Regional (pdf) models)

15 minutes
Module 5 Entering Annual Review Data Entering insurance data, primary HIV medical care, housing arrangements, household size and household income CAREWare QuickGuide (pdf) 8 minutes
Module 6 Entering Lab Data Entering lab data through encounters tab & forms, running lab reports   10 minutes
Module 7 Entering Referral Data Entering and updating referral data, tracking pending referrals CAREWare QuickGuide (pdf), Requested Service Category(pdf) 6 minutes
Module 8 Entering Contacts and Uploading Attachments Entering contacts data, uploading an ROI   5 minutes
Module 9 Using Performance Measures Reviewing performance measures in the client record, refreshing the performance measures worksheet and generating client-level lists for performance measures   12 minutes
Module 10 CAREWare Reports Commonly used reports, reports accessed through the reports menu, functions that apply to all CAREWare reports   5 - 40 minutes

Video: Assessing for TB in Persons Living with HIV

To view this video in full screen mode, click the button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen after the video starts playing.

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