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Emergency Preparedness and Planning

America’s Water Infrastructure Act (AWIA) – Risk and Vulnerability Assessment and Emergency Response Plan Resources for Water Systems

Power outages



Drought and Water Conservation



Source Water Protection

Protecting your system’s water source whether it’s groundwater, surface water or GWUDI is vital to improving resiliency and ability to prepare and respond to emergencies and natural disasters. Planning for emergencies such as a contaminant spill near your source should be tailored to hazards identified in your source area. Water system personnel can develop source water protection strategies by identifying hazards, potential contaminants or land use practices that could impact their drinking water source. Examples of source water protection include reducing runoff pollution and sedimentation by restoring riparian zones and stabilizing stream banks, land protection or easements, limiting risky human activities in source water or wellhead protection areas and public education. For additional resources, visit Drinking Water Service’s source water protection page.

Chemical Storage

Hauling Water During an Emergency

Emergency Response and Preparedness Trainings

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