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Board of Certified Advanced Estheticians - Certification Information


The Board of Certified Advanced Estheticians was created by House Bill 2642 in 2015. The Board was created to oversee the safe practice of advanced nonablative esthetics and to ensure that individuals who are practicing advanced nonablative esthetics are qualified to perform services on the public. Advanced nonablative esthetics encompasses seven modalities: skin rejuvenation, body contouring, dyschromia reduction, cellulite reduction, hair removal or reduction, and nonablative tattoo removal.

Permanent certification

As of January 1, 2018, individuals applying for certification in Advanced Esthetics will be required to meet application requirements as specified within Oregon Administrative Rule 819-020-0120, which include:

Graduation from an Oregon licensed career school for advanced nonablative esthetics.

  • A certified advanced esthetic career school curriculum must include at least 500 hours of instruction with a minimum of 280 hours of theory, 195 hours of practical work, 25 discretionary hours and 125 completed procedures.
  • Information pertaining to licensed advanced esthetics career schools can be accessed on the Higher Education Coordinating Commission's website.


Passage of an advanced nonablative esthetics written examination.

  • The American Board of Laser Surgery's (ABLS) Oregon Written Examination for Advanced Aestheticians (examination) must be passed within two years before the date of application. The examination covers content specific to Oregon's advanced esthetics education requirements listed in Oregon Administrative Rule 819-020-0100.
  • ABLS Examination Process
  • ABLS AAE Examination Review Guide

Collaborative agreement with a health-care professional

All certificate holders in advanced esthetics are required to enter into a collaborative agreement with a health-care professional. The purpose of the agreement, per ORS 676.655(3), is to provide a certified advanced esthetician with a licensed health-care professional to whom he or she may refer a client. This information is provided to the Health Licensing Office on the advanced esthetics application forms.

The agreement must be with a physician licensed under ORS chapter 677 or a nurse practitioner under ORS 678.375-678.390, or a licensed health care professional who works at the same location as the certified advanced esthetician and who has the authority to prescribe drugs listed in Schedule III, IV or V.

We will update this page as more information becomes available.