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Requirements for Schools and Childcare Facilities

What Do Staff Need To Do, and When?

  1. Review timeline and checklist of recommended and required tasks.
  2. For Local Health Departments (pdf)
  3. For School and Child Care (pdf)
  4. Have an up-to-date Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) form for every student or child in your care.
  5. Review CIS form and let parents know if more shots are required for school.
  6. Submit Primary Review Summary documents to the local health authority by due dates.
  7. Share your immunization and exemption rates for your school/ childcare facility and for your county.

Reporting Packet

Every year schools and childcare facilities receive a reporting packet either by mail or electronically from their local health authority. The packet has all the required reports, instructions, and deadlines for the current year (see below).

2019-2020 School Year

Report Forms
Primary Review Summary - all files are PDF unless otherwise noted:
Save the form to your computer before inputting your information. Otherwise, your numbers may not save in the form.
Section A English Spanish
Section B-D English (Word)
Spanish (Word)
*Note: Submit a copy of the CIS forms with Section B
Section E-G English Spanish  
Section H English Spanish

Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS)
"School Bus Flyer"
2020-21 Immunization Requirements

Immunization Rate Data
Immunization Handbook and Updates


Training Tools for Local Health Departments

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